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Seattle Capitol Hill- Green Whole House Remodel

Step into the charm of yesteryear with our meticulous historic home restoration nestled in the heart of Capitol Hill's iconic neighborhood. This turn-of-the-century Carriage house has been transformed into a sustainable oasis, marrying traditional elegance with modern eco-conscious living.

Imagine a home where history meets innovation - equipped with cutting-edge technology such as solar panels, Tesla Power-walls for backup, and high-performance heat pumps, all seamlessly integrated into the architectural marvel of the past. Our dedication to sustainability extends to every corner, with a water heating system intertwined with in-floor radiant heat, ensuring comfort and efficiency throughout the seasons.

Admire the craftsmanship as traditional design elements blend effortlessly with meticulously restored hardwood floors, reinstating the home's original allure. Every detail meticulously considered, from the restoration of the old single-hung sash windows to the careful selection of siding, meticulously matched to the original clear cedar.

Beneath the surface lies a commitment to green living, with spray foam insulation enveloping the entire home, modernized structural supports ensuring longevity, and a comprehensive overhaul of electrical and plumbing systems with all-copper repiping. This holistic approach to green remodeling not only revitalizes the essence of Old Seattle's architectural heritage but also sets a new standard for sustainable urban living.

Embrace the past while embracing the future - this green remodel stands as a testament to the timeless beauty and enduring appeal of Seattle's architectural treasures.

Seattle Capitol Hill- Green Whole House Remodel