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Seattle-Whole House Remodel

Experience the remarkable whole house remodel of this 1980s gem into a modern masterpiece, poised majestically overlooking Lake Washington. A comprehensive exterior renovation has breathed new life into this home, featuring an all-new window and siding package, complemented by a fresh roof, exterior deck, and revitalized landscaping.

As the exterior underwent its stunning makeover, the interior received a modern facelift, exuding elegance and sustainability at every turn. Picture-perfect 5" wide sustainably sourced white oak hardwood floors grace the main level, stairs, and basement, infusing warmth and character into every corner. Say goodbye to outdated parapet walls as we've introduced a meticulously crafted steel handrail, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic sophistication.

But the transformation doesn't stop there. Embracing efficiency and comfort, we've introduced a cozy fireplace and high efficiency air conditioning system, ensuring optimal heating and cooling year-round. From the outside in, this home remodel embodies the perfect harmony of modernity, sustainability, and breathtaking views, inviting you to indulge in the ultimate blend of luxury and practicality.

Madison Park Refresh